IOPW: Atmospheres

International Outer Planets Watch: Atmospheres

The International Outer Planets Watch (IOPW - formerly IJW) is an informal, voluntary organization of astronomers and planetary scientists devoted to coordinate and encourage observations of the giant planets, their satellites, and magnetospheres, from the Earth and from space, with an emphasis on time-variable phenomena. When it was formed, its highest priority was to support the Galileo mission to Jupiter. Currently, the IOPW supports ongoing planetary missions like Juno or Cassini, but also the continuous acquisition of observations of the giant planets systems and long-term analysis of past observations.

The IOPW is composed of a Steering Committee and six discipline working groups. This is the webpage of the Atmospheres node and you can browse the IOPW official webpage to find more information about aurora, magnetosphere, satellites, laboratory, Titan or Uranus and Neptune, together with minutes of the steering commitee meetings in the last DPS meetings.

International Outer Planets Watch - Atmosphere Discipline
Discipline Leader: Ricardo Hueso, e-mail: ricardo.hueso AT

Last updated: 21 November 2016